Porsche 911 Neu
by Team CJ
Restoration Log by Dan Mooney


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

The bespoke restoration of this 964 generation Porsche will incorporate numerous performance and reliability upgrades providing the owner with a unique and vintage looking 911 Targa of astounding technical capability.

Put simply, the goal is to create the 911 of our client's dreams - without compromise.

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Update report - March 5, 2024
Wiring installation

HushMat installed

Heat shield installed

Update report - February 20, 2024
Body is painted and ready to build

Update report - February 6, 2024

Update report February 2, 2024

Update report - January 31, 2024

Update report - January 29, 2024
Underside of body paint complete

Rock guard applied

Sealer applied

Paint and clear coat applied

Update report - January 25, 2024
Inside hood, rear deck lid and bumpers are now painted

Rock guard applied to inside of bumpers

Sealer applied

Paint and clear coat applied

Update report - January 2, 2024
 Front suspension assembly ready for installation.

Update report - November 29, 2023

Update report - November 20, 2023

Update report - November 17, 2023

Update report - November 8, 2023

Update report - June 21, 2023

Update report - June 2, 2023

Update report - April 25, 2023

Update report - March 31, 2023
Oil lines installed, rocker panels and fenders have been fitted. Next step is carbon fiber work.

Update report - February 8, 2023
Welding the first side rocker panel in final placement

Update report - January 25, 2023

Update report - September 30, 2022
Fitting light assemblies, making new brackets and reworking the back edge

Update report - September 13, 2022

Update report - May 5, 2022
Josh has been making great progress at the front end of the car.

Update report - April 14, 2022

Update report - April 5, 2022


Update report - March 1, 2022

Update report - February 1, 2022

Opening report - May 17, 2021

Happy to report that we have this project back underway!

Lots of progress with the 911 Neu project since our last update!

Removing the engine

Body has now been placed on one of the
roll around jigs
Engine tear down underway

Disassembling the front suspension and steering

Pauter forged rods and Porsche Motorsport
stroked crankshaft
Nickies custom liner set

Extreme 320 cylinder heads are a thing of beauty Heads feature some spectacular machine work

Daniel has been busy disassembling the Porsche and making several project spec notes along the way!

The starting point of this very special build is this 1991 Porsche C2 Targa.