1961 E Type roadster (875206)
Mechanical upgrade


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Mechanical upgrades: CJ5/600 five speed transmission, carb rebuild, uprated brakes, cooling, suspension, ignition, etc..



July 31, 2010

With the engine and transmission now re-united with the car, this project is entering the finishing straight...

CJ5/600 bolts straight up to original bellhousing
Note later style booster down below, pedal
box also being upgraded
Installing new CJ flywheel and clutch
Engine now installed back in car
Initial firing scheduled for early next week

We should have the engine and new CJ5/600 five speed installed later today.

New CJ radiator and expansion tank installed

We have now received the early style custom expansion tank and will be rebuilding the carbs once we receive the Nickel plated components back in the next few days.

Items being Nickel plated for carb rebuild
Early style expansion tank


We now have the engine and transmission removed. The expansion tank will be replaced with one like the rusty example in the first photo below. We conducted a compression test on the engine prior to removal, with excellent results.

 Note different angle of expansion
tank pipes

Preparing to remove the engine and transmission...




 Radiator is not a Jaguar item....
It is also upside down, with a drain plug 
on the top...


I am pleased to report that your car has arrived safely at Classic Jaguar and we will have the mechanical upgrades underway very shortly.

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