1961 E Type roadster (875136)
Total restoration to ultimate concours specification


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total restoration of a matching number outside latch E Type roadster to be finished in original factory livery of Carmen Red with Black Suffolk & Turley hides.


Your engine rebuild has now been completed..

The following sequence of photographs shows the cylinder hone in progress, as well as the balancing of your crankshaft...

Honing cylinders to size
 Crankshaft damper will be replaced


Balancing crankshaft
 Balanced to perfection
Surfacing cylinder head

We have now media blasted your car and sealed the body (and all other bare metal panels) in epoxy primer. 875136 is now waiting in line for the full treatment in the CJ Coachworks.

Bare metal sealed with epoxy primer

Door frames are really nasty
Bonnet belly pan is very rusty


Lots of progress in the CJ engine machine shop. Your cylinder head was corroded around the water jackets on the deck surface. We ground away the corroded aluminum and built up a bead of weld that will allow us to re-cut the jackets back to their original ship. Once the deck is surfaced, these repairs will be virtually invisible.

Water jackets are corroded and
will be repaired
Pressure testing head - OK

Crank gear (far right) had to be cut
off and will be replaced
Grinding away corrosion around
water jackets
After heating in oven, head was welded 
around edges of water jackets

Block on mill having core plug
holes machined
Team CJ forged pistons will be used
in this rebuild


Darrell has been busy cutting away all the corroded sheet metal and your car has already been dispatched for blasting. In the mean time, the guys in the machine shop have been tearing down your engine. Lots of progress this week!

Floor cross member was rusty


  Floor not straight


  Inner sill poorly patched
Trans tunnel patched


Boot compartment has all sorts of 
problems and shoddy repairs

Rust beneath IRS radius arm
mounting cups



More patches inside boot compartment


Cutting away outer sill
Inner sill rusty


  Inside cowl side panels is also



Boot floor has a whole series
of patches

Early style reverse lamp housing
riveted to boot floor


Cutting away boot floor assembly


Early style support rails will be kept
for reference purposes

  Doors will be skinned min two pieces
to work with narrow early chrome


Engine tear down underway
Head has corroded water jackets


  Disassembling cyl head
Screw welded to crank - not the way to
balance a crankshaft!


Timing tensioner rubber pad was 
hanging by a thread

No lock tabs used by previous rebuilder
Broken off bolt left in block


Crack testing the block (OK)


Boring out old sleeves
First of sleeves removed


We now have your car completely disassembled and ready for media blasting.

Interior was soaking wet from being 
left oustide in elements

Early hollow steering column is dented
and weakened - will be replaced
Engine bay now completely stripped

Body placed on blasting rotisserie

I am pleased to report that your car has arrived safely in Austin and we already have the restoration underway. I hope you enjoy following the progress on the website over the coming months!
875136 as delivered to CJ
Boot floor has typically very early

Welded louvers
Very early screen chrome
Correct early door top chrome

Early two piece door skins
Driver's door is badly damaged

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