1961 Jaguar E Type roadster - 875101
Complete, solid car for restoration
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This vehicle is now sold - thank you.


is an outside latch E Type roadster that has barely seen the light of day since the late sixties. A California car when new, 875101 was taken off the road with a major engine issue and largely disassembled for a restoration which never really got underway. The car features all of its original sheet metal, including the all important outside latch bonnet.

Having been exposed to less than 10 years of California sunshine prior to five decades of dry hibernation, 875101 is an amazingly solid, genuinely rust free example - and obviously a wonderful candidate for a total restoration. This very special E Type will not require ANY panel replacement during the course of the restoration. When finished, it may very well be unique among restored outside latch roadsters, in this regard.

The cylinder head and transmission are both the original matching number items, although the factory block (which threw a rod and blew a hole in the sidewall) was discarded long ago. A later 3.8 E Type block is included in the sale, although an appropriately dated (Feb 1961) block is available, if required. 875101 is substantially complete and not missing any significant components.

Originally Opalescent Bronze with a Suede Green interior, per the Jaguar Heritage Certificate.

875101 is about to undergo a world class restoration in the CJ Workshops and is available for purchase at any point throughout the project.

As 'blue chip' an investment as you will ever find in the E Type world.

This vehicle is now sold - thank you.

Interested parties are invited to contact Dan Mooney at Classic Jaguar for additional information.


November 21, 2015

Boot floor is 100% rust free

We have never seen a better original
boot floor

Car has matching number body, cylinder head
and transmission
Body # R1083 denotes the 83rd roadster body built

Original matching number cylinder head

The bonnet is original to the car
Original matching number transmission

Original picture frame
Car had a roll cage installed at one time (see
reinforcement on rear bulkhead)

Reverse lamp pod is pop riveted in place on the
very early cars
Early fiberglass glovebox

Note early style flat top dash pad
Original heater box in superb condition

Extremely early wiper motor dated Dec 1960

Correct early bonnet hinge frame

Bumpers in fantastic shape

Perfect original gas tank

Early style screen pillar chrome trim

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