1967 427 Corvette
Driver restoration in the Team CJ Workshops

This vehicle is currently being offered for sale!


Restoration Log (2009/10)




Carlos has finished installing the custom carpets, the doors and lamp pods have been installed and adjusted, and the new serpentine pulley system is now in place. We are running out of excuses not to fire this thing up!

Doors and headlamp pods 
now installed
Carlos re-dyed your original 
door panels

New serpentine pulley set installed
Carpet installation now complete

Trial fitting hood...


Upgrading the Vette's carpets...
Old carpeting is tired

Measuring and cutting new bulk
Installing vinyl binding to carpet 

Left rear arch completed
Installing stereo wires
Rear bulkhead now completed

Starting point a roll of high
quality black carpet
 The old jack cover


Engine and transmission now installed..


We have now completed your engine rebuild and expect to have the big block and new 5 speed installed in the next few days...




Engine assembly in progress...

 Pistons now installed
Installing the camshaft 






 AFR heads going into place


Time for final assembly...
Micro-polishing crankshaft
 Setting ring gaps



 Installing pistons and rods

With all the machine work completed, we stripped the block back to bare iron and gave it a fresh coat of Chevrolet orange. The last photo in this sequence shows Kevin balancing your new crankshaft. Final assembly is underway as I post this update...




Masking and painting the 427 hood stinger...

Darrell masking off to paint the stinger
Painting the Ermine White
Javier unmasking prior to applying
clear coat
Ready for clear coat
The finished article

The photos I took yesterday evening in the artificial booth light made the Rally Red look a little lighter than it really is. In natural sun light this morning, you get a better idea of the true color.

Surfacing the big block


Painting in progress...



Measuring deck height in order to calculate desired head gasket thickness

Slick Sand being blocked
Glasurit filler primer applied

Cylinder honing in progress

Time to address the block...

Block has a number of bad helicoils
Magnafluxing in progress
Forged rods

New crankshaft
Align honing main journals


More parts delivered, including TKO five speed, ss headers and exhaust, Dr. J's carb, Wiseco forged pistons, etc, etc..

Dr J carb
TKO 600 five speed
Big bore headers

Lots of parts delivered (including some very cool alloy heads), seat retrim underway, bodywork in progress...

Trimming seats

Bodywork underway
Car was pretty wavy so we are going to smooth 
things out a little before we paint
Fabulous AFR heads

More goodies arriving every day!

Suspension, steering and steering upgrades now in place...




We have gone about as far as we can go with the suspension and brake upgrades until we receive the next batch of components, which should be later this week.
 We are still waiting for the rear spring

 Massive front sway bar
 Huge Wilwood rotors installed
up front

 Front suspension upgraded to C5
spec +
Everything so far has fit perfectly,
including the power steering rack


Steering and suspension upgrades...

We will be using some very serious Wilwood brakes at both ends of this car....

Rear hubs and 4 pot calipers
13 inch rotors up front

Massive 6 pot calipers for front
New tandem master cylinder
and proportioning valve
Front hubs barely weigh 2 lbs

We have now removed and disassembled your engine. As we suspected, the cause of death was a spun rod bearing...

Engine in the machine shop for
post mortem examination

The smoking gun - a spun rod

I am pleased to report that your car arrived safely in Austin on Tuesday morning and we already have the mechanical rebuild underway. The first task is to pull the engine and investigate what caused its sudden and dramatic demise.

I hope you enjoy following the work in progress over the coming months.

Original 427 engine will be rebuilt
Rockers are way out of adjustment


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