Kevin Silva's 1940 Ford Truck
Body restoration


How Classic Jaguar employees spend their spare time...........

Body restoration on running and driving truck.



Update report - August 22, 2010

CJ engine machinist Kevin Silva bought his 1940 Ford truck a couple of months ago and wasted no time tearing it apart and giving the bodywork some much leaded tlc. He has been spending his spare time hammering and welding panels in his garage at home, although he needed a little help from Darrell Cole in the CJ Coachworks when it came to replacing the contoured rear bulkhead of the cab.

 As purchased in Seattle, WA
Back home in Kevin's garage 



 Cab rear bulkhead is badly corroded
Subtle contours make the replacement of this panel tricky 



 Swiss cheese panel cut away
Kevin assists CJ's Darrell Cole shaping the replacement 
panel on the English wheel 



 Offering the new panel into place
New panel is first tack welded in place, then
the seam is TIG welded

 Note striation marks from English wheel



Repair almost complete


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