1998 Ferrari 355 spider



Complete repaint and concours preparation. This 17,000 mile Ferrari was already in beautiful condition but had picked up a few stone chips and scratches along the way. We disassembled the car and give it a show quality repaint in the original Nart Blue. We also dealt with a couple of minor imperfections with the interior while the car was off the road.



Anyone who owns a 355 or 360 Ferrari knows of the problem of the interior controls and switch panels becoming gummed up. Our 355 spider was no exception, so I decided to send all the center console panels and switches (as well as the upper steering column cowling) to a company called Stickynomore in MD to be refinished. Robbie Padgett of Stickynomore turned everything around for me in less than a week and the finished results are absolutely superb. This really is a great service and a great product that I highly recommend.


Before....sticky, guey mess...

Items were returned looking brand new 

 Steering column cowling was also
sticky and nasty...



 Column cowling also like new
Interior looks like a new car 
 Refinished console makes a
tremendous difference





The final finishing touch, an exquisite piece of Schedoni 355 fitted luggage....

Schedoni 355 fitted luggage
Beautiful workmanship
In this position the luggage would
interfere with bonnet hinges
Split into two pieces, it fits nicely 
either side of books and tools
Next job will be to upgrade to 
a slightly smaller audio amp!

This project has now been completed. In the course of servicing the car, we replaced all the tires, the front rotors and pads, changed the engine oil and filter and also changed the transmission fluid. It is difficult to imagine a better 355 spider anywhere.

New Brembo brakes up front
Nart Blue looks fantastic in the sun
New floor mats installed
Interior now virtually perfect
We straightened and refinished 
the sill covers
Flatting agent in clear coat achieved
factory 'matt' finish
Carlos re-stitching headrest


Putting the finishing touches to this project..

Passenger door handle pod now
Adusting rear bumper for perfect fit
Tape helps ensure continuity of lines
from doors thru rear wings....
 The car deserves some new shoes
(Goodyear F1 Asymmetric)

I am pleased to report that we are now in the final reassembly stage with this project. We should be back on the road in the next few days....
First things to go back on were the doors
Installing the front bumper
Driver's door now fully assembled
and latching
Convertible top now reinstalled
Car looks virtually brand new
Repairing the passenger door panel 
that was torn by the window switch
Carlos skiving the rear surface of the leather 
before re-trimming the panel
Alec installing the driver's
door mirror


We have now painted the entire car and have the color sanding and buffing process well underway. We have also repaired the driver's seat, which now looks virtually new.



First pass of Nart Blue base coat
Color comes alive with clear coat
We left just the right amount of peel 
for a 'factory look' paint finish
Almost time to put everything back
Guillermo applies the finishing touch

We now have this car largely disassembled and have already dealt with all the various imperfections (mostly stone chips and road rash) in the paintwork. The repaired areas have been primed and the blocking process is well underway. We should be painting the car early next week.

Removing front lights 
Bonnet also removed 
 Doors were removed
Rockers and sill top plates have also been 
removed and will be refinished
Rear  valance and bumper removed 
 Doors will be reassembled after
Rear bumper had some scuff marks where
Tubi exhaust had been contacting
 Now repaired
Some minor stone chips behind rear 
wheels were also sanded out
 Rear wings had some factory waves
that we have eliminated
 Rear wings in epoxy primer
Doors have also been blocked and 

Car is already in excellent condition
Headlamp pods both have some
road rash
Bonnet has a number of chips that have
been 'touched up'
Another stone chip at back edge of 
rh front wing
A scratch at back edge of bonnet
Interior is in generally in great
shape - dash is perfect
Passenger seat is as new
Driver's seat showing slight
scuff marks
Driver's seat base has lost a little
dye - see to left of 'A'
There is a small tear in the hide just beneath 
the passenger window lift switch

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