1965 Lamborghini 350GT (HS)
Restoration log by Dan Mooney



1965 Lamborghini 350GT

Mechanical overhaul and minor cosmetic restoration work.



Update report - January 5, 2019

Valve covers have been refinished
Angle drive that sits on the back of the right hand
camshaft (see bottom left of image below)

Time to reinstall the intakes and rebuilt Webers

Lots of progress in the last couple of weeks.

Distributors have been completely rebuilt
Rebuilt differential now installed

Pirelli Cinturatos - as fitted to the car when new
A little engine bay clean-up while the carbs and
valve covers are removed

Overly complex quarter light latch mechanisms
required adjustment to remain closed
Mechanism will be re-plated during next phase
of work

Time to rebuild the Webers
Coolant expansion tan removed for repairs

Expansion tank has been repaired several times
in the past

Rear rotors were badly scored
New rotors have been sourced and installed

The differential has now been completely rebuilt and will be reinstalled in the car on Monday.

About to get the differential rebuild underway
We had initially thought this steering arm was

It turned out the cap had been tack welded to a
new arm to look like an original
Jake welded the original cap back in place

Removing cam covers for refinishing, Webers will
be fully rebuilt
All gasket sealing surfaces were ground flat

Damaged flanges will be resurfaced
Machining the flanges flat on the lathe

We fabricated several new bushings using
bearing bronze

New crown wheel and pinion now installed

Confirming perfect gear mesh using paint

Diff is now fully rebuilt

Diff will be reunited with the car on Monday

Correct fuel lines and fittings

Thanks to Valentino Balboni who kindly supplied us
with a new and correct Ansa exhaust system

Differential rebuild underway.

Differential removed for rebuilding

Tag denotes 4.27 final drive and 1965 model year
Metallic powder in the gear oil confirms the
need for a rebuild

There are some gouges in the output shaft splines

More damaged splines

Ill fitting splines

Worn clutch pack will be replaced

I am pleased to report that we now have the first stage of the mechanical overhaul underway. As we work our way through the repairs we will also take the opportunity to correct a few points of originality along the way as the owner wants this car to be as original and concours correct as possible. For example, the DCOE 40 Webers currently installed are Spanish made. As production of Webers moved from Italy to Spain in the early 1990's, clearly these carbs cannot be correct for this car. Our research leads us to believe that the 350GT had Webers specific and unique to the 350, namely DCOE 40 (20) and DCOE 40 (21).

Impressive front grille on display with the
car raised in the air

Suspension control arms will be refinished in black
Aftermarket ride height adjustable shocks will be
replaced with shocks and springs of correct spec

Spare wheel well is incorrect and will be replaced
Distributors will be rebuilt and refinished to
concours standards

Seized fuel sending unit was the cause of the
inoperative fuel gauge
Amazingly intricate cog wheels of the fuel sender
looks like it was designed by a Swiss watchmaker

Webers are incorrect and will be replaced with
Italian made originals

Fan thermostatic switch is defective
Several bushings have perished and will be replaced

I am delighted to report that we will have this exciting project underway very shortly.

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