Job # 2218 (PL) - 3.8 E Type Jaguar
Full engine rebuild

Update report - August 12, 2017

Block and crankshaft machine work in progress.

Surfacing the block with new timing chain cover
in place

Measuring crank journals after grinding
Measuring deck height

We are now close to wrapping up this challenging build. The cylinder has been machined and fully rebuilt, and we will be assembling the short block in the next few days.

Front of cylinder head prior to sanding and polishing
Now looking much better

Surfacing the deck surface of the head

Measuring the cc of the chambers

Using a replacement center main cap meant having
to perform an align bore prior to an align hone
Center main cap housing now in perfect alignment
(and sizing) following the align honing process

Confirming clearance between retainer and seal
Cylinder head now rebuilt and assembled

Unfortunately this particular engine has led a very tough life and needs a huge amount of work above and beyond a typical rebuild. Both the block and head have sustained significant damage, some of which is the result of a catastrophic failure in the past, with other damage being caused by extreme corrosion. The good news is that the engine can and will be saved - and will be better than new when we are finished our work.

Cylinder head as delivered

Home made tappet shims
There is shrapnel damage in two chambers

Steel tooth was embedded in the outer edge of
one chamber
Head has suffered serious corrosion damage

Pressure testing head after media blasting

Measuring warpage in cam saddles
Water jacket threads are destroyed

Machining for a new threaded steel insert

Torque plate cylinder honing in progress

Machining cam towers on the end mill

Honing stem to guide clearances
Machining out old seats

Both intake and exhaust flanges required surfacing
Initial surface of head after weld repairs to damaged
chambers (chambers will be reshaped)

Tear down and inspection underway.

Lots of corrosion lurking in water jackets behind
core plugs
Timing chain cover is also badly corroded
and will be replaced

Checking the oil pan for cracks

Machining for new threaded bung repair for
oil drain plug

Crack identified in bottom of oil pan

Crack now welded up

Machining out old liners on floating boring bar
Magnaflux crack checking the block

Machining counter bores for custom top hat liners
Middle main cap is cracked

An alternative main cap will have to be sourced,
necessitating an align bore and align hone
New liners now installed

I am delighted to report that we now have your E Type engine rebuild underway.

Engine as received - 6/7/17

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