Job # 2216 (WW) - 3.8 E Type Jaguar
Stage One (Plus) engine rebuild

Update report - August 14, 2017

Excellent gains on the flow bench

Another rebuild wrapped up in the CJ engine shop.

I am pleased to report that this very special engine rebuild is now virtually complete.

After weld repairs to water jackets, the deck
surface was surfaced
View down a ported intake runner

Installing a tappet hold down kit
Relieving tappet guides for high lift Stage 2 cams

Front of head was pretty rough prior to sanding
and polishing
After polishing

5 angled valve job

Head assembly underway
Head is now fully rebuilt

Torque plate cylinder hone completed

Balancing the ultra-light CJ billet steel flywheel
and clutch assembly

Carrillo rods and custom forged CJ pistons

Short block assembly underway
All piston and rod assemblies now installed

Billet RBR high flow oil pump

ARP uprated head studs and custom Cometic
head gasket

Installing head to block
Almost finished...

I am delighted to report that we have this special engine rebuild underway.

As delivered, looking rather sorry for itself!

Several missing main cap bolts

Corroded timing chain cover will be replaced
Crank journals have serious corrosion issues

Magnaflux crack checking block
Heavy silt build up behind core plugs

Machining out original liners

Bad idea to paint an oil pan baffle!
Oil pan has several previous repairs that
will need attention

Cylinder head as delivered
Pressure testing cylinder head prior to getting
rebuild underway

Most of the water jackets are badly corroded
Water jackets were ground back and then welded

Reshaping water jackets on the end mill

Measuring cam tunnel warpage at .009"
This build will feature Carrillo connecting rods

Align honing cam saddles

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