Job # 2206 (Rehab Garage) - 4.2 E Type
Full engine, transmission and SU carb rebuild

Update report - March 11, 2017

Another full engine rebuild underway in the CJ machine shop.

Engine and transmission as delivered following
severe flood damage
Tear down underway

Serious internal corrosion issues

Both valve covers have multiple cracks and are
beyond economical repair
Crank oil galley are clogged with sediment

Magnaflux checking the block

Machining out old liners
Note coolant water jackets behind sleeves

Water pump pulley broken

CJ alloy water pump pulley

Tearing down the cylinder head
Pressure testing the cylinder head

Head is warped and will require an align hone

Valve seat counter bores sized for custom
CJ valve seats

Surfacing exhaust gasket flange
Head prior to cosmetic polishing

5 angled valve job

With new top hat liners installed, block
is moved to the surfacer machine

Cylinder head now completely rebuilt
Balancing CJ flywheel and new clutch

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