Job # 2189 (MW) - Stage Two 7 liter Jaguar V12
Stoker engine rebuild incorporating very special Group 44 cylinder heads

Update report - January 14, 2017

Block machine work, continued...

Indicating additional relief that will be needed
for full honing stroke
Block now machined for over-sized custom liners

Boring the block to accept the custom over-sized liners.

Custom oversized liners
Boring the block for the new liners

To be continued..
Factory bores were .002" out of round

Comparing the Group 44 heads to more traditional Jaguar castings has thrown up some remarkable flow test results. At about .450" lift, a standard V12 Jaguar intake port flows around 159 cfm. After our Stage One/Two porting and valve job, the standard V12 Jaguar intake port will pick up around 37 cfm, ultimately flowing about 197 cfm.

The Group 44 heads, with their completely different casting and runner design, plus of course larger valves, flowed an impressive 235 cfm right out of the box. Following our valve job, and blending the seats to the venturis, we picked up an additional 15 cfm, for a maximum flow number of almost 250 cfm - more than 90 cfm more than an unported V12 Jaguar intake typically flows.

These numbers are pretty spectacular!

Note difference between Group 44 ports (lower) and
the regular Jaguar fayre (above)
Surfacing the heads

Blending valve job with venturis

Designing custom stroker piston by creating
a plastic model
This is a sample of typical Stage One/Two V12 flow
numbers (before and after porting)

Out of the box, the Group 44 heads flowed 38 cfm
more than even our ported standard Jaguar casting
After CJ valve job and venturi blend, the Group 44
heads flowed 106 cfm (@.500 lift) more than a
standard (unported) Jaguar casting!

I am pleased to report that we now have this very special engine rebuild well underway.

Pulling seized cylinder heads using our special tool

Group 44 heads will be used in this build. More
on this later...
Pressure testing the Group 44 heads

Preparing to bore out the block for the custom
over sized liners
Align hone in progress

Stroked forged crankshaft

Lightweight billet steel flywheel and special
RBR rear seal upgrade

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