Job # 2185 (KH) - Jaguar S2 E Type
Full engine rebuild

Update report - November 24, 2016

I am pleased to report that we now have your full engine rebuild well underway.

Engine as received in CJ machine shop

Lifting the head off using the CJ crane

Some studs are seized to the block, some are stuck
to the head!
Tear down underway

Dodgy previous thread repair in oil pan
Cleaning components that may be re-used

Unfortunately the cylinder head cam caps required
Cylinder head align hone in progress

Machining block for new custom top hat sleeves
Intake and exhaust gasket surfaces
required machining flat

Installing custom CJ valve seats
Machining 5 angles valve job

Checking rods for straightness
Honing rods to size

Main caps installed prior to cylinder honing process

Torque plate cylinder honing underway

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