Job # 2182 (WQF) - Jaguar XK120
Full engine rebuild

Update report - December 10, 2016

Putting the finishing touches to this challenging rebuild.

About to install the cylinder head
Cylinder head now looks better than new

Almost ready to test run on the engine stand

Another challenging engine rebuild underway in the CJ machine shop. This engine was in extremely poor condition, despite supposedly having very few miles on a substantial rebuild. The water jackets and coolant passageways were as blocked as you are ever likely to see in an XK engine. There was significant damage to almost every bearing and journal, the camshafts required extensive repairs, the cam caps were out of alignment and the main caps were in urgent need of an align hone.

The engine as received

Removing the cylinder head using the shop crane

Main cap bolts and rod bolts will be upgraded
Severe bearing damage revealed during tear down

Crank journals also badly damaged
Bearings worn through to copper

Ugly deposits behind the freeze plugs
Water jackets are completely blocked

After 2 sessions in the detergent oven, we still had
all this sediment lurking deep inside the block!

Oil pump has been rebuilt
Preparing short block components for assembly

Uprated ARP main cap bolts

This cylinder head has a story to tell!

Note contaminants in oil visible on cam bearings
Pressure testing the cylinder head

Pre-existing weld repair will be metal finished
Now much more presentable!!

Cam caps required align hone
Machining tappet guides for oversized
custom tappets

Cylinder head machine work completed
Head on the assembly bench

To be continued...
CJ stainless steel valves

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