Job # 2177 (PA) - 4.2 E Type
Full engine rebuild

 Opening report - September 9, 2016
Another full engine rebuild wrapped up in the CJ Machine Shop.

Measuring crank end play
Measuring deck height

Forged CJ pistons
Ready for the test stand

Lots of progress in the CJ machine shop...

Machining tappet guides to size
Align honing cylinder head

Oil pan requires major surgery

Machining 5 angled valve job
Installing tappet hold-down kit

Cylinder head now machined and assembled

Repairing damaged threads in oil pan rail

Chasing threads deep inside the block for
the long S2 head studs
Machining out old cylinder liners

Magnaflux checking block revealed several
Machining oil pan for new drain plug

New custom CJ top hat liners

Grinding main caps square prior to align hone
Align hone in progress

Surfacing block with timing chain cover installed

Torque plate cylinder hone in progress

Another full E Type engine rebuild underway in the CJ engine machine shop.

Engine as received

Oil filter housing is damaged

Short block tear down well underway

Disassembling the cylinder head

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