Job # 2175 (HR) - 4.7 E Type
Stage Two stroker rebuild for a client in Dubai

 Update report - October 22, 2016
We have now run your engine through several heat cycles on the engine stand and everything has checked out perfectly. I will post a short video for you next week!

This is your actual Weber set-up
Headers and other ancillaries are slave items for
use with our engine test stand

Several heat cycles have already been performed
Look for a short video of the engine running
next week

We have now wrapped up the assembly of this Stage Two 4.7L rebuild and we will be running the engine on the test stand in the next few days.

With all of the machine work completed, we have been gathering all the new and restored parts ready for final assembly.

Measuring deck height
Uprated ARP head studs

New chains and sprockets

Billet crank and special rods and pistons
Seems a shame to hide them inside the block!

The following sequence of photos show the align and cylinder honing processes..

Align honing the main caps

Main caps after align honing process
Checking the billet stroked crank

Torque plate cylinder hone in progress

Installing new liners, five angled valve job, surfacing and porting the cylinder head...

Honing tappet guides to size
Pulling down first three liners

Surfacing exhaust gasket flange

Machining valve job
Surfacing the cylinder head deck

Ported exhaust port
Ported intake port

Lots of progress in the CJ machine shop...

Camshaft had been contacting tappet hold
down plate
Extreme tappet wear

Disassembling cylinder head

Pressure testing cylinder head
Measuring cam tunnel warpage (out .017")

Damaged chain sprockets
Align honing cylinder head

Repairing damaged spark plug threads

Preparing for port work
Magnaflux checking block

Removing old cylinder liners

Cracks identified after sleeve removal
Close-up of one of the cracks

I am pleased to report that we now have your Stage Two E Type engine build well underway.

Engine as recieved

Tappet hold down kit installed recently

Lots of rust and crud behind core plugs

Head and (long) studs removed

Magnaflux crack checking the block after tear down

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