Job # 2173 (JS)
Stage One engine rebuild - 3.8 E Type

August 2016

Click on the image above for video of us test firing this engine on the stand

The flowchart below details huge gains achieved during our port work on this particular engine. We picked up a healthy 42.1 cfm on the exhaust side, and an all time record 60.5 cfm on the all important intake runners. These are truly huge gains that will result in a significant performance increase for your E Type!

Update report - July 15, 2016
This rebuild has now been completed and we will be firing the engine on the test stand early next week.

Hanging pistons on rods
Plumbing in oil pick-up pipes

Measuring deck height

Almost ready to run on the test stand

I am pleased to report that we have now completed the machine work to your block.

Machining for new threaded drain plug bung

Pulling down top hat liners prior to surfacing block

Align hone in progress
Surfacing the engine block

Note new timing chain cover is in  place
for surfacing
Block machine work now completed

Lots of progress in the CJ engine machine shop...

Head cleaned and media blasted
Cam saddles warped .010"

Machining cam cap surfaces

Align honing cam caps after straightening head
Grinding connecting rods

Honing wrist pin bushings
Honing big ends

Machining out old valve seats
Seat pockets sized for CJ seats

New CJ seats pressed in to place

Repairing spark plug holes
Boring out old cylinder liners

Water jackets behind liners 100% blocked
Magnafluxing block

Crack between upper water jacket and deck surface

Surfacing exhaust manifold flanges on end mill
Port work underway

CJ magnesium bronze guides

Honing tappet guides for oversized custom tappets
5 angled valve job in progress

Front of cyl head after polishing

Surfacing cylinder head deck
Head now ready for assembly

Going back together on the assembly bench

I am pleased to report that we now have your Stage One engine rebuild underway.

As received, with transmission and carbs

Removing cylinder head

Missing lock screw
Timing chain cover badly corroded

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