Job # 2171 (EH) - 4.2 E Type
Full engine rebuild

 Update report - June 2, 2016

I am pleased to report that this challenging rebuild has now been completed and the engine is now ready to be installed back into your E Type.

Final assembly underway.

Balancing the crankshaft

Engine components laid out for assembly
Custom multi layered steel head gasket was required
to correct compression issue

Measuring crankshaft end float

Measuring deck height
Short block assembly in progress

Block machine work now completed.

Installing new top hat liners
Main caps ground square prior to align honing

Align hone in progress
Torque plate cylinder hone in progress

Surfacing block with timing chain cover in place
Block now ready for assembly

Magnaflux crack checking the block
identified several minor cracks
Typical crack between deck surface and first
water jacket

Head has been very aggressively surfaced in the past,
removing too much material
As inconsistent a set of valves as you will ever see

Pressure testing the head
Align honing cam saddles

Previous epoxy repairs of water jackets will
have to be dealt with

Surfacing and truing the exhaust flange on the mill
Machining corroded water jackets to accept an
oversized dished core plug

To be continued...
Reaming valve guide bores oversize to correct
previous poor machine work

I am pleased to report that we now have your E Type engine build well underway.

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