Job # 2169 (GJ)
4.2 E Type engine rebuild

 Update report - May 6, 2016
Your cylinder head has now been rebuilt and we have your short block assembly underway.

Cylinder head has now been fully assembled
Machined block now ready for assembly

Balancing ultra-light billet steel flywheel

Short block assembly underway

I am pleased to report that we now have this engine build well underway.

Another full engine rebuild about to get underway
in the CJ engine machine shop

Oil pan needs several repairs
Oil filler cap will be replaced

This engine is in very poor shape
Water jacket on intake flange badly corroded

Shrapnel damage will require welding
and resurfacing

Damaged gear drive will be replaced
Machining out old liners on floating boring bar

We discovered several cracks between the deck
surface and the upper water jacket
Measuring counter bore for top hat sleeve

Repairing damaged water plugs in top of cyl head

Damaged areas of cylinder head deck required
weld repairs
New top hat liners now installed in block

Boring out tappet guides for oversized
RBR tappets
Installing new custom CJ valve seats

Torque plate honing the new liners to size
Machining 5 angled valve job

About to surface the block deck surface
Cylinder head resurfaced after repairs

Before and after shots of cosmetic polishing
of the front of the head

Head now ready for assembly
Going back together on the assembly bench

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