Job # 2164 (MY) - V12 E Type
Full engine rebuild

 Update report - March 3, 2016
Putting the finishing touches to your V12 E Type engine rebuild...

Torque plate cylinder hone in progress

Timing chains installed, ready to receive the heads

Almost complete!

I am pleased to report that we have this engine rebuild well underway

Using our CJ designed extraction plate to
remove stubborn cylinder heads

With the heads removed, the exposed block and
cylinder looked pretty nasty

Lots of debris and shrapnel lurking in the
coolant jackets
This is a countersunk screw hiding inside
a coolant galley!

Extremely grimy oil
Broken chain tensioner

Deck surfaces of the heads were badly corroded

Corrosion will be ground out, built up with weld
and milled flat
Disassembly of the heads in progress

Pressure testing one of the heads
Machining out old valve seats

Grinding corroded areas to be welded
Corroded areas built up with weld

Test fitting gasket after milling the heads flat
Extensive weld repairs needed to the
rear edge of one of the heads

Weld repair virtually invisible after metal finishing
Milling the cam tower pads flat

Helicoil repairs in progress

New CJ valve guides installed

Preparing the main bearing caps for an align hone

Mocking up bearings after align hone

Going back together on the assembly bench
Preparing to recondition the connecting rods

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