Job # 2154 (PA) - Jaguar 3.8 Mk II
Full engine rebuild

Update report - July 30, 2015

We have now completed the cylinder head rebuild.

Align honing cam saddles after straightening
the head
Setting cam bearing clearances

Custom CJ magnesium bronze guides

Cutting out old valve seats

Seat pockets sized for custom CJ seats
Surfacing the intake gasket flange on the mill

Machining the 5 angled valve job
Front of head required extensive cleaning
and polishing

Head now painted the correct 3.8 Mk II blue

Head going back together on the assembly bench

We now have this desperately needed rebuild well underway!

This would have been a noisy waterpump!
Several seized pistons

Several pistons did not survive the removal process
Measuring cam warpage

Pressure testing the head
Grinding out water jackets prior to weld repairs

Water jackets repaired and reshaped

With sleeves removed, cylinder water jackets were
found to be blocked

Cracks between deck surface and water jackets
Use of custom CJ top hat liners will solve the
problem of the cracked block

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