Job # 2149 (RW) - 3.8 E Type
Full engine rebuild

 Update report - February 2, 2016
I am pleased to report that we have now completed this engine rebuild.

This engine was rebuilt about 14 years ago but never installed or run. Unfortunately, the basement in which it had been stored was flooded in recent storms, and much of the rebuild is having to be re-done.

Engine had been submerged and suffered
extensive internal damage

Cylinder head being disassembled

Pistons and rings are not salvageable
New ARP main bolts installed prior to align hone

Crankshaft required straightening
Honing new valve guides for desired stem to
guide clearance

Honing tappet guides to accept oversized tappets
Machining out old seats

New CJ seats installed
Machining the new 5 angled valve job

Surfacing gasket flanges on the end mill
Cylinder head machine work now completed

Head on the assembly bench
Cylinder head now good as new once more!

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