Job # 2121 (DS) - Jaguar 4.2 S1 E Type
Stock specification engine rebuild

Update report - June 10, 2015

I am pleased to report that this engine rebuild has now been completed.

Lots of progress in the CJ machine shop. It was a wise decision to machine out the old cylinder sleeves as we found cracks between the upper water jackets and the deck of the block. The new custom CJ top hat sleeves have eliminated what would undoubtedly have become an issue in the not too distant future.

Machining new seat pockets to size
Machining out old guides

Heating head prior to installing new CJ seats
Note how CJ seats are flush with the bowl

Machining out old sleeves with boring bar
Cutting counter bore for top hat flange of new

Crack between upper water jacket and deck would
have been a problem in the near future
Machining new 5 angled valve job

Surfacing intake gasket surface, which was not flat

Front of head before cosmetic polishing
First major imperfections were sanded out

Before surface was polished
Surfacing cylinder head deck

New top hat liners and pistons
Installing top hat liners

Torque plate honing new cylinders to size
Surfacing block with timing chain cover in place

Align honing camshaft saddles, machining out old valve seats...

Align honing camshaft saddles

Setting cam bearing clearances
Machining out old valve seats

Our customer asked us to check out his previously rebuilt engine. It is very fortunate that he did...

Head has been previously rebuilt
Shrapnel damage on head

Vacuum testing the valve job

Chains previously making contact with head
Bent and stripped cam cap stud

Valve lash was between .013 and .015" across the
board (should have been .004" and .006")
Cam bearing clearance too high

Seals had been contacting retainers
Tappet clearance excessive

Stem to guide clearance ranged from .0016 to .0026 Chris Slubar explaining our align hone procedure

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