Job # 2080 (DK) - Jaguar 3.8 Mk II
Stage One engine rebuild

Update report - May 12, 2014

Putting the finishing touches to this Stage One rebuild...

Final assembly of the short block underway...

I am pleased to report that we have now repaired, machined and completely rebuilt your cylinder head...

 Ported intake runners
 Cutting the valve job on the VGS machine



 Head is now painted, front cover polished



Preparing to assemble the cylinder head
Head on assembly bench




 Stage One cams installed, valve lash set


Lots of progress in the CJ machine shop...

Installing new tappet guides
Boring tappet guides to size



Deck surface of cyl head required extensive weld repairs



Reshaping water jackets on mill after welding



Align honing engine block
Bearings installed to calculate requisite crank journal sizing

Machine work underway...
Machining out factory valve seats
Cyl head was warped - required straightening and
cam saddle align hone
Sleeve work in progress

We now have your engine torn down and the rebuild underway.

 The cylinder head needed a fair amount of persuasion
before it would part company with the block
Rusted head studs were the culprit



 Short block now completely disassembled, rebuild underway


.I am pleased to report that your engine has been safely delivered to the CJ engine machine shop and we will have your Stage One rebuild underway in the next few days.



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