Job # 2077 (BP) - Jaguar 4.2
Engine, triple SU carb rebuild, 5 speed conversion..

Update report - July 31, 2014

We have now installed the rebuilt engine and carbs into your Mk VII engine bay. We had to cut some relief into the right hand inner wing in order to provide clearance for the triple carbs and K&N filters. Matt in the Coachworks fabricated a box to protect the carbs from road grime thrown up by the right front wheel. We have also built and installed the new five speed transmission and we expect to be test running everything early next week.

Rebuilt Stage One engine now installed
Carbs also fully rebuilt and installed

Relief cut into RH inner wing to make
room for carbs and K&N filters

Fabricating an air box to protect the carbs and air
filters from road grime thrown up by the RF wheel

Matt TIG welding the custom box together

View up inside RF wheel well
Ready to install

Engine rebuild nearing completion..

Machining the valve job
New tappet guides

Cylinder head after surfacing

Short block assembly underway

Timing chain assembly installed

Engine now fully reassembled
Timing the new damper

I am pleased to report that we now have your engine and carb rebuild underway.

 Tear down underway






 Machining out old cylinder liners
 Carbs will receive a full show quality CJ rebuild


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