Job # 2075 (AO) - Jaguar 420 engine rebuild
Stage One engine rebuild

Update report - March 10, 2014

I am pleased to report that this rebuild has now been completed and is ready for delivery.


Final assembly of your cylinder head, zero balancing the flywheel and clutch pressure plate..

 Cylinder head on the assembly bench



 Flywheel being balanced



 Balancing the flywheel and pressure plate together
All zeros is a good thing! 


Block machine work completed, final assembly underway...

Align hone in progress - note ARP hardware
Torque plate honing in progress



Preparing to surface the block
Block is decked with timing chain cover installed



Short block assembly underway

We have now completed the machine work to your cylinder head and we are in the process of installing the new top hat sleeves.

Machining block for new sleeves



Machining counter bores for top hat sleeves
Cyl head machine work completed, ready for assembly


Flow testing your cylinder head after completion of portwork...



Exhaust side now flowing a very healthy 202 cfm

Corey flow testing cylinder head
We picked up 49 cfm on the intake side


Your cylinder head has been spending some quality time with several different machines over the last week...

 Heating head prior to installing new valve seats



 Porting in progress..
Cutting new seats on VGS machine 






 Surfacing deck after completion of valve job

We now have your engine completely torn down and the Stage One rebuild underway. I hope you enjoy following the progress in these pages.




Corey media blasting your cylinder head



Pressure testing the cylinder head


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