Job # 2025 (AD) - 3.8 Jaguar Mk IX (C Type replica)
Full Stage One HP engine rebuild


Update report - July 7, 2012

I am pleased to report that we have now completed this Stage One rebuild.



 Measuring deck height

 Balancing Team CJ alloy flywheel and clutch pressure plate

 Another top quality build completed


We have now completed all of your block machine work.

Honing cylinders to size
Surfacing block with new timing cover in place


We have now completed all the various repairs, port work and machine work to your cylinder head. Following Chris' porting, we picked up a very healthy 52 cfm on the flow bench.

 Prior to chambers and venturis being re-shaped
 Chambers now all perfect



 Polishing the front cover
 Surfacing deck



Machining a back cut on valves improves flow at low lift
Head on flow bench after portwork



Base line flow results
Intake picked up a very healthy 52 cfm



Head rebuild now completed


Machining the block to accept new top hat sleeves.

Machining out old sleeves
Water jackets were full of crud



Block is cracked between the cylinders
Oversized top hat flanges will butt up against each other 
and eliminate the cracks between the cylinders



Machining our new seat pockets
New seats installed



Chambers and venturis will be re-shaped

I am pleased to report that your engine arrived safely and we will have your Stage One rebuild underway shortly.


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