Job # 2024 (BB) - 4.2 E Type
Full Stage One HP engine rebuild


Update report - May 10, 2012

Your Stage One engine rebuild has now been completed.



We have now align honed the block and have the cylinder honing process well underway...

 Grinding main caps square
Align hone in progress 



Measuring pistons



 Finish honing with torque plate


This cylinder head really was in very poor condition. The water jackets in the head valley were corroded and the plug threads stripped out. The only true fix was to weld up the holes, re-drill them and re-cut new threads - all of which has now been done.

Water jacket plug holes were welded closed
Holes were then re-cut and threaded
Finished result - good as new
Gasket scribing exhaust port
View inside ported exhaust runner


This engine has suffered significant corrosion damage over the years, especially inside the cylinder head. One of the exhaust runner walls actually has a hole in it where corrosion has eaten through from the adjacent water jacket. This hole and the wall around it will be repaired with weld and re-shaped.




 Corrosion inside one of the water jackets
 Note how it has eaten through to the adjacent exhaust runner



 The hole viewed from inside the exhaust runner. The wall around
the hole is also paper thin and will be built up with weld
 Intake manifold mating surface was badly pitted and
was resurfaced on the mill



 Oil pan is cracked in a number of places and will be replaced



 Valve covers were damaged beyond economical repair and
have been replaced
 As bad a build up of carbon deposits as you will ever see



 Connecting rod cotter pins loose inside the block
Engine will receive new CJ forged pistons 

I am pleased to report that your engine arrived safely and we will have your Stage One rebuild underway shortly.


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