Job # 2022 (BR) - Jaguar Mk II
Full Stage One HP engine rebuild


Update report - June 6, 2012

I am pleased to report that we have now wrapped up this Stage One rebuild and we will be installing the engine back in your Mk II shortly.



Another Stage One engine rebuild nearing completion...

Balancing crankshaft



Measuring deck height



ARP main cap bolts





We have now completed the machine work on your short block and have the repairs to your cylinder head well underway. The cylinder head was warped and had significant corrosion damage. It also had some inappropriately sized valve seats which meant that the seat pockets had to be welded up and re-sized. Number six chamber also needed extensive welding in the hemispherical dome to cure some deep corrosion pitting and literally every water jacket had to be welded up and re-shaped on the mill.

 This head needed some extensive weld repairs and was also warped
Surfacing the block with timing chain cover in place 



 Machine work now completed on the block
 Measuring deck height to calculate precise compression ratio


We have now resleeved the block and completed a much needed align hone. Next task is to hone the cylinder to fit your new CJ forged pistons.

 Align honing in process



 Less than .0001" (one tenth of one thousandths of an inch) 
variation across all seven main caps



Cylinder honing in progress
 Top hat flanges of the new sleeves visible in this shot



Oil pan has been repaired and refinished


I am pleased to report that we now have your engine torn down and the Stage One rebuild underway.

Incorrect main cap bolts will be replaced
with uprated ARP fasteners
Water jackets will be welded and re-shaped
Combustion chambers are badly pitted and
will be repaired


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