Job # 2002 (JE) - 3.8 Mk II engine
Full Stage One engine rebuild

Update report - August 29, 2011

Another completed Stage One CJ engine rebuild.

Pressure testing after porting
Flow testing ported head



Assembling the short block
Rebuild now complete
Baseline flow test - intake
Very healthy pick up of almost 48 cfm on the intake side


We are now putting the finishing touches to this build and should have the engine ready to ship in the next couple of days.

 Surfacing the cylinder head
Head now fully assembled 



 Painted non-standard red
Short block is fully assembled - measuring deck height 


We have now completed the block work and have been busy porting the cylinder head.

 Cylinder head will be ported and flowed
 Base line flow testing



 Seat pockets sized for custom CJ seats



 CJ forged pistons
Sizing rings 



 Pistons hung on rods, note billet rear seal conversion


I am pleased to report that your engine has arrived safely in the Classic Jaguar machine shop and we already have the rebuild underway.


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