Job # 2001 (FB) - Series II 4.2 E Type
Full Stage One engine rebuild and IRS rebuild

Update report - August 30, 2011

Putting the finishing touches to another Stage One engine rebuild...

 Crankshaft balanced to perfection



 Poltergeist at play in CJ machine shop ??
 Cutting rings to size



 Engine now fully assembled


Installing custom CJ valve seats, performing the perfect mutli-angled valve job...

Heating head prior to installing seats
Exclusive custom CJ valve seats



Pockets machined for oversize seats
Venturis will be ported to match larger intake seat



Valve job now completed
Close up of multi-angled valve job and also note venturi matched 
to oversized seat - marked 'X'

We have now completed all of the machine work to the block.

Align honing in progress
Main caps are squared prior to honing



Honed within .0001" across all 7 caps = winning
Rear brake components have been Nickel plated



Torque plate used during cylinder honing process
Surfacing the block and timing chain cover



Block now ready for assembly


Lots of progress with both the engine build and the IRS rebuild...

Differential completely rebuilt
IRS components powder coated



New Konis and CJ springs
 Boring out old sleeves



Crack testing block
Counterbore cut for top hat flanges of new sleeves



New top hat liners
3 new sleeves installed, 3 to go..


We now have your engine completely disassembled. The third photo in the sequence below shows how badly 'gunged' up the water jackets are behind the freeze plugs. This is about as bad as you will ever see.

 Removing cylinder head using overhead crane



 As blocked a water jacket as you will ever see!
 Engine now completed disassembled

I am pleased to report that your engine has arrived safely in the Classic Jaguar machine shop and we will have the rebuild underway in the next few days.


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