Job # 1999 (MW) - 6.8 liter V12 E Type stroker
Full Stage One engine rebuild

Update report - August 27, 2011

We have now assembled the short block and are ready to install the cylinder heads...

 CJ forged pistons installed on resized rods
Zero balancing the crank 


 Short block now fully assembled

With all the requisite custom parts now in hand, we are pleased to have this rebuild back underway. First up - torque plate honing the cylinders.

Custom pistons
Torque plate honing the block


Unfortunately, there was a major problem with the way the liners had been installed in the block. The block itself had not been bored out sufficiently and the fit was therefore way too tight between the outside wall of the liner and the counterbore of the block. Additionally, there was no clearance between the flanged liners. These two issues have caused distortion of the cylinder walls, with six of the liners being damaged beyond repair. To make matters even worse, the liners had been 'glued' in place with some sort of epoxy, so they were an absolute bear to remove!

Moving forward, I have ordered the 6 replacement liners that we need from Rob Beere in England. We have also opened out the counterbores in the block so that the liners are now a slip fit, as they are supposed to be.

Despite the fact that this is a new block, the main housings are out of spec and will therefore require an align hone. The new crank also has some issues and may require grinding and straightening. Finally, the new rods will be machined to fit the JE piston wrist pin, which is a larger OD than the Jaguar wrist pin.

Block had to be heated to remove the liners, which 
were 'glued' in place
With liners removed, only six were serviceable



Note epoxy residue on counterbores
Liners will be sanded and cleaned



Block and liners sanded and cleaned



Flanges machined to provide clearance between liners



Note clearance between liner flanges
Brand new Jaguar rods



Bellhousing does not mate up to block
Not even close...



Marking pilot holes that will be drilled and tapped
We can now bolt the bellhousing to the block

The specification for this engine build includes a brand new block and stroker crank, oversized liners taking capacity to 6.8 liters, forged JE pistons, and HE heads massaged by Carl at Rob Beere Racing. The finished article will power a 1973 E Type roadster that should be loads of fun to drive.

 Brand new block and forged crankshaft



 Oversized liners take cubic capacity to 6.8 liters
Forged JE pistons 


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