Job # 1990 (PL) - 3.8 E Type
Full Stage One engine rebuild

Update report - August 30, 2011

Another Classic Jaguar Stage One engine ready for service!

I am pleased to report that we now have this Stage One build virtually wrapped up. All that remains is to repair, polish and install the valve covers.





It is now time to assemble the short block...

Block now ready for assembly
Measuring deck height (for compression ratio purposes)


Rebuilding, porting and flow testing a nasty cylinder head!

 This cylinder head was in bad shape
Lots of nasty build-up behind the valves 



 Heating the head prior to installing new CJ guides
Magnesium bronze CJ guides 



 Intake guide installed, after porting
Exhaust guide installed 



 Pressure testing head after porting
Flow testing intake runners 



 Balancing crankshaft and flywheel


Block machine work has now been completed...

Surfacing the block with chain cover installed
Cleaning items to be re-used during rebuild

Honing cylinders to size...


Boring the cylinder block for the new top hat liners.



We now have this rebuild underway. Pretty much everything on this engine was seized and rusted solid!

Removing the cylinder head was a challenge



Rusted cylinder walls


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