Job # 1978 (FCE) - 4.2 E Type
Stage One engine rebuild

Update report - February 26, 2011

I am pleased to report that this Stage One engine rebuild has now been completed and shipped.



We have now completed all of the block machine work and will be assembling this engine for you early next week.

Balancing the crank, flywheel, clutch and damper



Surfacing the block with chain cover in place
Cylinders have been honed with a torque plate


Machine work completed on the cylinder head, final assembly underway....

Surfacing cylinder head






Final assembly underway

Lots of progress in the CJ engine machine shop...

Heating head in oven prior to installing valve seats
Custom CJ valve seats now installed



Align honing in progress - note ARP main cap bolts
Roughing in cylinder hone to within .005" of finished 
size - will be completed using a torque plate



Trial fitting Weber manifold
Note how manifold runners do not match intake port very well. 
Step marked X will be removed during porting process



Things now much improved after port matching
 Note smooth transition between bottom of valve seat and
exhaust chamber



Head is pressure tested again after porting

We now have the Stage One port work underway and block is in the process of being re-sleeved.

Pressure testing cyl head before porting
Machining counterbore for top hat flange of new sleeve



Base-line flow testing cyl head
 This head already flows pretty well, before port work

I am pleased to report that we now have this Stage One engine build underway.

 Head will be ported, receive big valves, etc



 Water jackets are in great shape



CJ forged pistons
Custom CJ stainless valves and magnesium bronze guides


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