1971 Jaguar E Type 2+2 - Partially restored project car
For sale - $10,500

This car is now sold - thank you.

This is a super low mileage (less than 25,000) 1971 Jaguar E Type 2+2 V12 with automatic transmission and factory air conditioning.

When we first saw this car a few years ago, it was a virtually rust free starting point for what was to be a total restoration. Unfortunately, the owner fell seriously ill and the project was cancelled at an early stage. The only corrosion in the entire car had been a small area in the boot compartment, underneath the gas tank, and in the lower corners of the firewall bulkhead kick panels. We repaired the trunk floor and replaced the bulkhead kick panels and stripped the rest of the car to bare metal. We cut off the outer sills to make sure there wasn't any corrosion within - and there was not. We sealed everything up with top quality epoxy primer and welded new outer sills into place.

The new owner can rest assured, the sheet metal throughout this car is in perfect condition. It is absolutely, 100% rust free. No filler work or panel gap work has been done - just bare metal sealed with epoxy primer. As a bonus, the bonnet for the car is a new old stock item. (A new V12 bonnet on its own retails for around $10,000.) The NOS bonnet has never been installed on a car. The picture and hinge frames appear to be in excellent condition. The engine side frames may be serviceable, although they should be blasted and carefully inspected before being re-used. (They are surface rusted having been stripped to bare metal and not primed at some time in the past.)

The engine is original, spins freely and all the number match. Motor and transmission are NOT installed in the car.

This car is virtually complete. To the best of our knowledge, it is not missing any significant components. All the glass and chrome is present and in good shape. Consumable items will have been discarded during disassembly if it was assumed they would be replaced with new during the course of the restoration (such as carpet, rubber seals, etc).

There are a number of significant new parts included in the sale, including many wiring harness items, a complete major rubber seal kit, a hose kit, CJ shock absorbers, springs, poly bushings, bronze bushings, billet rack mounts, etc, etc. Some items have already been stripped and powder coated, others, such as the front suspension components, have been blasted and Nickel plated. As well as new old stock "Walker" exhaust silencers and pipes, there is also a set of very serviceable, lightly used, four outlet "Ansa" rear exhaust pipes.

Although this car is completely disassembled, and would therefore be a major challenge to get back together and on the road, it also represents an almost unique opportunity for a DIY home restorer, because of the condition of the body.

The roll-a-round jig (of $1,000 value) upon which the body is currently sitting is included in the sale.

This car is being sold as is. Inspections are recommended and encouraged. No warranty of any kind is being offered by the seller. The car is available for inspection (by appointment, normal office hours) at Classic Jaguar in Austin, Texas. Please call on 512 288 8800 to make an appointment. We will assist in packaging and loading up the body and all its components when the vehicle is either collected or shipped. Interesting trades considered, cash either way.

Price - $10,500
This car is now sold - thank you.

Please email sales (at) classicjaguar.com with any questions.
Tel: (512) 288 8800

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