Job # 1971 (FoA) - Ferrari 246 Dino
Block work and cylinder head rebuilds

Update report - February 12, 2011

Having finally received the custom bronze valve guides last week, we were able to press on and assemble the cylinder heads. We were hoping to wrap this build up for you next week, but have run into a problem with the main bearing clearances.

Despite the fact that the crank mic'd out perfectly, we have far too much clearance using the STD main bearings supplied. In view of this, we need you to supply a set of .010" oversized bearings so that we can install them in the main housings, calculate requisite journal sizing, and grind the crankshaft accordingly.

 Custom oversized bronze valve guides
Pistons have been hung on rods 


 Crank will have to be ground to .010" undersized


 Assembling the heads


Damaged cylinder head has been welded
Align hone in process
Titanium Ferrari rod compared to Packard straight 8 
rod (Ferrari rod uppermost)


We will have this rebuild underway in the next few days.





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