Job # 1969 (SC) - Jaguar 3.8 E Type
Stage One engine and IRS rebuild


Update report - April 20, 2011

Putting the finishing touches to this special engine...

Preparing to assemble the cylinder head
Head on the assembly bench




 About to install the cylinder head


 One of the prettiest engines in the automotive world


The short block has now been built and all of the machine work completed on the cylinder head. All that remains is to assemble the head and reunite it with the block.

Balancing crank
Mock up of installed piston to calculate deck height
for precise compression ratio



Surfacing engine block with new timing cover
Block ready for assembly



Short block now fully assembled
Cylinder head painted Pumpkin Gold


Lots of progress in the CJ machine shop....

Flow testing cyl head after porting
Coated CJ pistons



Intake side after porting
Exhaust side after porting



Pressure testing Blackwell manifold after porting
Manifold has been polished


I am pleased to report that your rebuilt IRS is being collected on Monday (2/14).





Align hone completed....



We have now installed all the new top hat sleeves and have also machined the block for upgraded freeze plugs.

First three top hat sleeves now installed
Boring for last three



Machining freeze plug holes for upgraded plugs
Video clip of freeze plug hole machining

Lots of progress in the machine shop...

Machining flanges for top hat sleeves



Ported intake runner
Venturi size set, valve job blending



Pressure testing after porting

One slight problem we ran into during the port matching stage was the size and shape of the runners on the Blackwell intake manifold. They are already larger than we would prefer, and a long way from being perfectly round. As we really don't want those ports any larger, we decided to match the cylinder head intake ports to the size (and slightly irregular shape) of the manifold.

Click here for a video clip of Chris explaining this process

Matching size and shape of intake ports to Blackwell manifold


Installing custom CJ seats, cutting out old cylinder liners....

Old sleeves now removed, water jackets were blocked
Sizing pockets for custom CJ seats
New CJ seats installed
Trial fitting TWM throttle bodies to manifold
Throttle bodies will be port matched to intake runners

As this engine will be fuel injected, we are building it to 10.5:1. We will achieve this with a custom set of forged CJ pistons with an increased dome volume. The second photo below shows a mold of the combustion chamber that we made for Ross, so that they could design the dome and maintain adequate piston to valve clearance. These particular pistons will be ceramic coated on the top and Teflon coated on the skirts.

Base line flow testing in progress
Combustion chamber mold assists with
piston to valve clearance calculations



Old liners about to be machined out
Pressure testing cylinder head - passed.



Base line flow test results

Some interesting background information on your Blackwell manifold. My thanks to Doug Buchan for forwarding the article earlier today.


I am pleased to report that we have now completed your IRS rebuild....



I am pleased to report that your engine and IRS assembly arrived safely at CJ and we have both rebuilds underway.

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