Job # 1962 (MW) - 4.2 E Type
Stage One engine rebuild

Update report - March 12, 2011

Assembling the short block, surfacing the cylinder head....



We are almost ready to assemble the short block...

 Rods have been re-sized, re-bushed and balanced
Balancing the crankshaft 



Block is painted inside and out prior to assembly
Glyptal paint used inside block


The following sequence of photos show the head and block in process. The block is having its new top hat sleeves installed and the head is currently being ported. Interestingly, this particular head flowed better than almost any other unmodified head we have tested, particularly on the intake side. The cylinder head was warped about .0015" so had to be straightened before work on it could begin in earnest.

Flow testing your cyl head
Pressure testing head
Water jackets bheind old liners were completely blocked
Cam saddles tested for straightness and cam bearing 
clearances after straightening process



Base line - exhaust
Base line - intake



Machining out old seats
Heating block in oven for sleeve installation



Block is smoking hot, sleeves are frozen
First of the new top hat sleeves installed

I am pleased to report that we now have this rebuild underway.

 Block will be sleeved and align honed
Camshafts will be reground 



 Front and rear crank seals will be upgraded
 CJ forged pistons


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