Job # 1926 (CM)
Gen III Dodge Viper - Full engine build (1,000 HP)

Update report - May 19, 2011

I am pleased to report that we now have this 1000 HP Dodge Viper Truck engine rebuild completed and it is already winging its way to you in New Jersey.

Oil pick-up pipe had to be shortened
 Modification invisible after wleds cleaned up
Modified oil pick-up pipe installed
Engine now fully assembled
Bagged, crated and New Jersey bound !


Assembling the short block and installing the cylinder heads...


The photos below show Kevin measuring the deck height in order to calculate compression and head gasket requirements.

Measuring deck height to calculate compression
and head gasket requirements


Preparing to assemble the short block...

New forged pistons
New forged rods
Setting ring gaps


Your cylinder heads are now fully assembled.


After honing the cylinders, surfacing the block deck surfaces...

Installing CJ billet main caps....

Preparing for align bore and align hone
ARP main cap studs
We use our own exclusive billet Viper main caps


Honing your cylinders to size....



Your crankshaft has been machined and Nitrided and we will have this rebuild underway shortly.


We have now torn down your engine and it looks as if we can save your crankshaft. In fact, other than the galling on the nose of the crank, the engine is in great shape.





With this engine, the balancer spun on the nose of the crank, causing some pretty significant damage. Our first task will be to tear the engine down and establish whether the crank is still serviceable. More news on that later this week.



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