Job # 1921(CH)
Race Viper - Short block build, replacement block and crank

 Exclusive new product!
CNC machined billet main caps for Dodge Viper

Update report - May 18, 2010

This short block has now been assembled and is ready for collection.



Assembling pistons to rods
Surfacing block



Total of .010" was removed from 
deck surface
Removing material from crank as
part of balancing process


Yesterday we cut the dampner keyway and shipped the crank out for Nitriding.

Cutting key way on mill
Pistons have been cleaned and
will be re-used


With the align bore and align hone completed, the next step is to measure bearing clearances so we can calculate the required journal sizes for the crank regrind.

 Measuring main bearing clearances
 Forged Oliver rods


We now have this project underway. The original block and crankshaft being damaged beyond repair, our task is to transfer as many serviceable components from the original block to the replacement block. In order to re-use the billet main caps, we have to perform an align bore and an align hone. The replacement crank will be stroked and Nitrided.

The photograph below shows the align boring part of the process.


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