Job # 1888
Dodge Viper Race engine rebuild

DYNO update report - October 24, 2009

After its CJ engine rebuild, this amazing car put down 1461 HP at the rear wheels. Vipers typically see about a 19% power drain from the flywheel to rear wheels, which means that this car is putting out around 1800 HP at the engine. It also means that this is now officially the strongest engine we have built in the CJ machine shop to date.

The short block has now been assembled...



We have now honed the cylinders to fit the new pistons and have the short block assembly underway.


With the align hone now completed and the heads fully assembled, we are at a stopping point until the custom pistons arrive.

Surfacing the cylinder heads
Heads now fully assembled
Align hone in progress


The damaged liner has been replaced and the block surfaced. Your custom pistons have been ordered and should be here in about two weeks.


We have now repaired the damage to both the block and the head. Next step will be to install a new liner in the damaged cylinder...

Damaged liner cut out on
boring bar
Block damage welded up
Head damage welded up

We have now disassembled this engine and have the rebuild underway...

Engine now completely torn
Pistons and rings badly damaged
Rod bearings held up remarkably 

Before its sudden and dramatic demise, this was one of the most powerful Dodge Viper engines in the world, putting down over 1600 (sixteen hundred) horsepower to the rear wheels. Our brief is to repair and rebuild the engine, using as many of the existing components as possible.

Engine as delivered
Heads had been removed prior to
arriving at CJ
Deck surface of block is
badly damaged
Liner also damaged
Corresponding damage to cyl head


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