Job # 1876 (JH))
Mk IX Jaguar - Cylinder head rebuild

Update report - April 11, 2009

I am delighted to report that we have now completed this rebuild and your cylinder head is already back on way to you, scheduled for delivery Monday (4/13).

On the assembly bench



Your cyl head is now in perfect condition


We have now welded up the corroded water jackets and reshaped them on the mill. The new CJ magnesium bronze guides have been installed and honed, and the old valve seats have been removed. The next stage will be to install the new custom CJ seats and cut the valve job, all of which is scheduled for Monday (4/6).

Pressue testing cylinder head
Scribing water jacket shape using
head gasket as a template
Valve seats being removed
Old valve seats
New custom CJ seats and stainless steel
Honing the new CJ guides

This rebuild is now underway. A number of the coolant water jackets are corroded and will be welded up and reshaped (see last photo below).



I am pleased to report that your Mk IX cylinder head arrived safely at CJ on Friday and we should have the rebuild underway in the next few days.



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