Job # 1875 (DH)
4.2 E Type Jaguar - Block machine work

Update report - May 24, 2009

Your crankshaft has now been ground and balanced together with the rest of the rotating assembly. Per your instructions, we test assembled the crank, set the end lash and trial fitted the front seal. Everything should be ready to ship out to you first thing Tuesday morning.

Main bearing clearances, caps torqued to factory specification of 83 lbs ft: #1 .0027", #2 .0023", #3 .0021", #4 .0020", #5 .0020", #6 .0023" and #7 .0024"

Rod bearing clearances, Carrillo rods torqued to .007" stretch: #1 .0018", #2 .0022", #3 .0016", #4 .0016", #5 .0017", #6 .0016"

Your flywheel was surfaced then
balanced with clutch
Balancing the crank with dampner
and flywheel installed

Drain plug was welded up and a new 
hole cut and threaded on the mill
Trial fitting new front seal


We have now completed our work with the block. The new sleeves have all been installed and the cylinders honed to size. The Wiseco pistons were (dimensionally) very consistent and each cylinder has been honed for .003" skirt clearance.

Cutting tops of 3 new liners to
be flush with the deck
The block is then re-heated
With all 6 new sleeves installed the 
block is surfaced a final time
Ready for cylinder honing
Honing the cylinders using a
torque plate
Masking off for paint
Block is now finished and ready
for assembly

I am pleased to report that your custom sleeves have now been delivered and we have already begun boring the block to size and installing the new sleeves. We also received the Wiseco pistons that you had custom made for this project, so we have everything we need to push ahead with the machine work.

Wiseco forged piston
Custom oversized sleeves
Cutting counter bore for top
hat section of sleeve
First three sleeves now installed


With the old sleeves removed, we discovered that we are going to need a set of custom top hat sleeves because the cylinder counter bores have already been cut significantly oversized. Unfortunately, this will add some expense in relation to the custom sleeves and also add a couple of weeks to the project schedule, while we wait for the new sleeves to be made.

Timeserts for block thread repairs
Indexing prior to drilling hole 
for Timesert
First of the Timeserts installed
Cutting out old liners
Water jackets relatively clear

Your engine has arrived safely at CJ and we now have your block machine work underway. Initial findings, as follows:

There were three helicoils of the wrong type (5/16" -18) that had also been incorrectly installed. One of the dowels by the rear seal was damaged and will have to be replaced. The main housings measured as follows: #1 - 2.9169, #2 - 2.9168, #3 - 2.9171, #4 - 2.9174, #5 - 2.9171, #6 - 2.9172 and #7 - 2.9163. #4 housing was + .001" out of round and #7 housing was .0002" undersize. We have already completed the align hone - see final measurements in second to last photo below.

Engine block as delivered
Note incorrect helicoils, marked 'X'
Note damaged dowel
Offending helicoils and dowl removed
Measuring main housings
Grinding main caps prior
to align hone
Align hone in progress..
 Before and after main housing numbers,
new sleeve measurements
Torque plate in background will be
used to hone cylinders
Block deck is pinned between each cylinder - 
presumably because of old cracks
This crack is not significant


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