Job # 1862 (DV)
V12 E Type - stock engine rebuild

Update report - November 17, 2008

We have now completed the rebuild and your engine is crated and ready to ship.



Going back together with the short block...


I am pleased to report that we have now completed all the machine work and have the reassembly of your engine well underway. We ran into some major issuses because of some badly corroded head studs. Just removing the cylinder heads on this particular engine was a major challenge. Once we had the heads off, we were left with a number of damaged (corroded and bent) head studs which had to be cut away on the mill. One of the stud holes was so damaged that we had to wled up the block and re-cut a new threaded hole. Your block also required an align hone as one main cap was too large by more than .001".

In any event, all obstacles have been faced and overcome and your rebuilt engine should be ready to ship in the next week or so!

With heads removed, some of the corroded
head studs had to be cut out on the mill
This lower part of this particular stud had to 
be cut out from the back side, inside the 
jackshaft valley
Cutting away old seats
Heads are already fully rebuilt
This area had to be cut away to remove the
corroded and broken end of the stud
You should not be able to see inside the 
jackshaft valley through the head stud 
hole (marked X)
Welding up the back side of the stud hole
Re-cutting a new head stud hole
Problem solved, new head stud installed
Time to start assembling the block

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