Job # 1843 (TN)
Gen 3 Dodge Viper - Stage Two engine rebuild

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CNC machined billet main caps for Dodge Viper


Closing report - May 9, 2008

I am pleased to report that your engine rebuild has been completed and is ready for collection.



Update report - May 7, 2008

We have now completed the rebuild of your cylinder heads and the cylinders have been honed to size. We hope to be putting everything together in the next few days.

Cylinders have been honed to size
Head rebuilds have been completed
Custom camshaft delivered in
record time

The following photos show the flow results on the intake side, before and after the valve job and porting. Considering these heads had already been extensively ported the first time around, we think Chris did a great job picking up flow across the board with a peak gain of 16.2 cfm.

The pistons came back from being coated bang on schedule so we should be able to make some great progress next week.

Previously flowed head, before we
did the new valve job and porting
Flow increased across the board with a 
maximum gain of 16.2 cfm
Thermal coating on the top of the pistons
Moly coating on skirts


We already have the valve job completed and are just waiting for the bearings and pistons to come back from being coated before we can start assembling the short block. Once Chris establishes the new flow numbers (which should be later today) Harold will design the camshaft profile and we will have that made. Despite the fact that these heads have previously been extensively ported, we are hoping to pick up quite a bit of flow on the bench.

Watch this space!

SS 2.040" intakes with Inconel 
exhaust valves
JE did a beautiful job with the custom
pistons - and made them in 3 days
Pistons made for 11.5:1, NA
Porting in progress
Setting up to measure the flow
after the valve job and porting

Report date - April 21, 2008

 Harold tearing down the wounded
Viper engine
Evidence of inconsistent burn due to
fuel and/or timing issues
 Super lean...
The piston that gave up the ghost
A number of seats are damaged and show 
signs of excessive carbon build up
Timing chain is stretched
More than an inch of play, probably
a result of the blower...
Titanium retainers have taken a
 With the carbon removed, a closer 
look at one of the damaged seats
Another damaged seat
A number of the factory seats had moved and
all will be replaced
 Carrillo rods survived the trauma - all are OK
Oil and water pumps both OK
Block cleaned up fine and will be
bored .010" oversized
Crank was unscathed and polished up

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