Job # 1837 (TN)
Gen 1 Dodge Viper - Stage Two engine rebuild (stroker)

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CNC machined billet main caps for Dodge Viper

Update report - April 16, 2008

I am pleased to report that your engine rebuild has now been completed and is ready for collection at your convenience!

Fly cutting the custom rocker plinth
Heads now installed
Installing the new rocker arms

The finished article!

We are now within a couple of days of having this rebuild wrapped up for you. As you know, these Gen 1 heads don't usually flow nearly as well as the later Gen II and Gen III heads, although Chris was able to get some great flow numbers from his port work (see Superflow printouts below).

We ran into a problem with the head gaskets in that we were sent Gen II gaskets and then found out that Cometic have still not made a Gen I gasket. We discussed the situation with the manufacturer of your supercharger (Roe Racing) and they said they have always run the stock head gasket with your supercharger set-up and have never had any problems. We also had some issues with the Harlin Sharp rockers. When we trial fitted them, we found that the geometry (angle of attack) wasn't quite right. We are solving this problem by machining a .300" plinth that will sit beneath the rockers. That is what Harold is making on the mill in the photos below.

Anyway, that's about it for now! As always, let me know if you have any questions about the work in progress.

Harold machining a plinth to use with
your Harlin Sharp rockers
Porting the combustion chambers
Note rough cast finish in Gen 1
combustion bowls
What they look like now
Heads were pressure tested again
after the port work was complete
Flow testing
We are very pleased with these numbers 
compared to other ported gen 1 heads we 
have tested
Resurfacing in progress
Measuring crank endplay

Not many people will have seen their Viper engine like this!



Chris is continuing on with the porting of your cylinder heads and we have now taken delivery of your new lightweight (23 lbs) steel flywheel. It really is a beautiful piece of work.

Assuming we receive a promised delivery of parts tomorrow, I am planning on photographing the entire engine assembly in its disassembled, component form.


Time to start assembling the short block....



 Harold honing the cylinders
earlier today
Balancing the crank 
Weighing rods

We now have this rebuild underway and have just about all the parts in hand to complete the assembly.

 Preparing to hone the block
 Chris has begun the port work
 Crank has been stroked
We will be using Chevrolet SB rods (Eagle) 
and pistons 


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