Job # 1511 (CF)
Team CJ Stage One cylinder head rebuild 
3.8 E Type

I am pleased to report that this rebuild has now been completed and your cylinder head is already on its way to Canada. As you know, there were some porosity issues which required a significant amount of welding, although the repaired head passed its pressure test with flying colours.

We were able to increase flow significantly with no loss of velocity, so you should notice a significant performance increase when you get your car back on the road!

Scroll down the page for photographs of the machine work/rebuild in progress.

Specs for the finished head as follows:

WAD camshafts
Set on OEM cam timing marks
Uprated springs (nominally 95lb)
Spring pressure - closed 90 lbs, open (0.40 lift) 185 lbs
Lobe lift (Int & Ex) - 0.436"
Running duration (Int & Ex) - 261 degrees
Duration @ 0.50" tappet height - 215 degrees
All new intake and exhaust seats installed (0.005" interference fit)
All new silicon bronze guides
Valve stem to guide clearance: Intake 0.0011", Exhaust 0.0012"
Cyl head cc = 94 cc
All new valves (Int = 1.870" Ex = 1.625")
Intake valves have seals retro fitted
All new (later style) keepers, split collets and spring retainers on intake side
Valve lash (0.010" intake, 0.010" exhaust)
Tappets are new OE
NGK BPRE5 spark plugs set at 0.025"

Shim allocation as follows:

(Intake) #1 .117" #2 .116" #3 .121" #4 .121" #5 .118" #6 .121"
(Exhaust) #1 .143" #2 .141" #3 .129" #4 .145" #5 .136" #6 .142"

Gas flow results:

On the intake side we picked up as much as 42.3 cfm AND increased overall velocity significantly. On the exhaust side we increased the flow by up to 30.5 cfm with no reduction in velocity.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me at Classic Jaguar on (512) 288 8800 or by email at

Dan Mooney
Team CJ

 A view down one of the intake ports
Head was porous in the valley so
a weld repair was carried out
 Note larger intake valves
Domes are now beautifully smooth

The following photographs show the machine work in progress.
The domes were welded up
and re-shaped
Water jackets were also welded
and re-shaped
Old valve seats were removed

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