Team CJ engine rebuild (stock)
Job # 1319 (TP)

3.8 E Type
Block  # R 43761 - 9
Head # RA 3087 - 9

The valve seat areas being welded up. Let me know if you have any questions or would like any aspect of the machine work covered (and photographed) in more detail.

The following photographs show your cylinder head after the valve seats have been machined away. The grooves marked X in the second photograph will be welded up and cut back before the new seats are installed.

As you know, the transport company kindly dropped the engine crate on its head, although thankfully the only damage was a couple of bent cam studs (see first photograph below).
I must say, I have never seen such badly damaged pistons in an engine that was still running! I can only assume that they were set up with inadequate skirt clearance. Still, as we re-sleeve the engine anyway in the course of a CJ engine rebuild, it really isn't a big deal. I don't anticipate any problem saving the head, although obviously somebody has made some strange cuts around the valve seats on the exhaust side....

I have provided a replacement crankshaft and I am pleased to report that we already have the machine work is underway. Watch this space, Tom!

Only minor damage after
the crate was dropped
Strange machine work around
the exhaust valve seats
Pistons are badly scored!!
Rods will be rebuilt and balanced
 Notice scoring in lower cylinder wall
(marked X)


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