1974 V12 E Type roadster
A heavily modified Team CJ Special!

1974 V12 E Type roadster
BRG - Suede Green
6 speed

This is a very special E Type Jaguar! Built from the ground up by Classic Jaguar in 1998, then updated with the very latest high performance parts (headers, shocks, etc) in 2000, this car features just about every mechanical upgrade available. With approximately 320 rear wheel HP (dyno sheets available), this E Type absolutely flies!

The high compression engine features Venolia pistons and HP camshafts fed by 6 IDF40 Weber carbs. Team CJ headers flow directly into straight through exhausts and the resultant sound will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. 245/40 Bridgestones mounted on lightweight Compomotive 18 x 8 rims provide outstanding grip making the car as agile as it is powerful. The 6 speed transmission shifts positively and without drama all the way to a theoretical maximum speed well beyond the imagination of the 160 MPH speedometer.

The coachwork has been customized and largely de-chromed, including the removal of the front and rear bumpers as well as the subtle repositioning of front and rear lights.

Having seen very limited use since its completion about 6 years ago, this car remains in excellent condition. The paintwork still shows well and the interior is immaculate. The engine bay and the under carriage are still very clean.

Please note, this is not a car to be used for short trips to the corner store. Although it is relatively easy to drive, it is nonetheless something of a fire breathing monster. It is loud, fast and brash. It will not be everybody's cup of tea, and I would expect it to draw disapproving glances at a JCNA Concours! Having said that, the car was awarded 100 points at a JCNA sanctioned concours d'elegance back in 1999. Although it is no trailer queen today, it might just be the most fun it is possible to have in an E Type!

Although the car is currently registered in Mexico, it will be supplied with a clear Texas title.

Price: $75,000

For an appointment to view and to road test this beautiful E Type, please contact Dan Mooney on (512) 288 8800 or by email at: danmooney@classicjaguar.com

Dark BRG coachwork
Car has an aggressive stance
Redesigned rear view
D Type steering wheel, 6 speed
Fire breathing Webers!
Car has been largely de-chromed

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