Austin Healey 100/6 - (PGS)
Full mechanical rebuild


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total mechanical rebuild including all major drivetrain components.



Update report - July 6, 2000

As per your request, Lee has now examined the cam specifications and discovered that at some time in the past a mild street cam has been installed to your engine. If you click on the link below you will see his precise findings and an explanation of how your cam differs from original equipment specs.
Cam information:

Update report - July 4, 2000

Here you see Lee continuing with the engine rebuild - checking and double checking his specs and tolerances as he goes.
Finding True TDC (above)

Measuring cam lobe/centre

Update report - July 1, 2000

With the machine work completed, Lee has begun reassembling your engine. One of the photographs below shows the upgraded seal arrangement we discussed on the telephone. We aim to prove that Big Healeys don't have to have main seal oil leaks!

We look forward to you visiting us soon.

Update report - June 11, 2000

As you will see from the photographs below, we have already removed the engine and gearbox and begun rebuilding same. I don't propose to go into all Lee's negative findings on these pages, but suffice it to say that this engine was in desperate need of help despite the fact that it was 'rebuilt' only about 100 miles ago.

David has removed and stored all the interior trim until such times as the mechanical rebuild has been completed.

Rather than try to repair the damaged oil pan we have bought an alloy replacement that will be used during the course of the rebuild. One of the photographs below shows the new oil pan, as well as some of the components we have bought for the engine rebuild.

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